My name is io, I am an textile artist and designer living in santiago de compostela. “io, de fio a pavio” is my personal project. I studied sculpture at the arts and crafts school mestre mateo. at the end, I discovered the textile art and I fell in love with the possibilities of the textile in the plastic arts. Because of my passion for hand-made and the everyday life ended up becoming professional in the field of crochet and knit, also, for a year now I have also specialized in embroidery.

People define me as a creative, sincere and fun person; I would also add that quite distracted and obstinate. I have a dog named Gaia and a cat named Gatsby Catilina. I enjoy almost any outdoor activity, I love to ride my bike all over the city. pink floyd is my favorite music band. Fargo is that movie that could see endless times and books … I would choose la saga/ fuga de torrente ballester and the one  thousand and one nights.