embroidered stickers,
the design of products as art

Beauty and magic are hidden in the small and usual things. That’s why the products of everyday use acan become art. Nowadays product design redefines the boundaries between art and design. It not only seeks to draw the attention of the consumer, but also fascinate and create beauty for itself.

Additionally, sea and water are a source of attraction and admiration in Galizan culture. That’s why I chose to replicate the labels of this iconic mineral water brand.


Reinterpretation shows the capacity of the human being to expand and generate new contents. The multiple outcomes of a specific idea or object are a means to generate new experiences and emotions in the usual audience.

embroidery sea sticker botlle of water

The rear label is made with long and short stitches interspersed as if they were brushed.

the front label, embroidered in organza -fabric that imitates the transparency of the original label-, is also made with the same stitch

embroidery sea sticker botlle of water