mulier sapiens sapiens feminist tote bag and tote backpack


2 years ago, I launched a small feminist campaign focused on the slogan “mulier sapiens sapiens” as an attempt to reformulate the basis of language and thought through recategorization as a species, through the use of the term “mulier” (“woman” in Latin), the slogan sought to make visible that women are also part of the species, as opposed to the exclusive term “homo sapiens sapiens”, and thus help to mean and empower us through one of the most basic terms that define us as people.

Now I have decided to take up the idea and make a limited edition of bags and backpacks of raw color and hand-printed serigraph with quality inks and resistant to the washing by Do Paraná Espazo Serigráfico.

also, each copy is accompanied by a signed certificate.

and you, are more of tote bag or backpage?